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Lack of access to affordable diapers is a major challenge for many families in Uganda and around the world. Just 3 disposable diapers per day is almost $300 per year in a country where the average family makes $600 per year and has 6 children.

Lack of access to affordable diapers results in poor household hygiene and poor health outcomes for babies and young children. A study in Cambodia showed that access to washable diapers could greatly improve a family’s household hygiene, leading to better health.

In addition, there is a growing middle class in Uganda that uses disposable diapers, leading to serious environmental issues. Most families burn their rubbish, but diapers are flame retardants and do not burn. Attempting to burn them exacerbates air pollution and results in charred diapers littering the cities and towns.

Kijani is working together with NGOs, relief organizations, health centers, and other organizations to make diapers affordable and accessible for families. Washable diapers help families save money, improve health and hygiene and are so much better for the environment.

Kijani makes diapers in sizes newborn all the way to adult. Many children and adults with special needs struggle to access diapers, since adult diapers are hard to find and prohibitively expensive. Kijani partners with several organizations focused on children with special needs to provide diapers – something so simple that can be truly be life changing by allowing these children opportunity to attend school and participate in community life.

We can customize diapers for your organization with your brand colors and logo, and we can ship anywhere around the world.

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